Sunderland Music Education Hub working with schools, providers and stakeholders will deliver a high quality music education, a wide-ranging music enrichment programme and singing and playing opportunities for all.

It will champion the role of music in the development of children, young people, schools, communities and families across the City.

The Sunderland Music Education Hub Board (SMEH) will be constituted early in Autumn Term and further details about the Hub's governance can be found on the Music Hub Board Page

Primary Music Co-ordinators and Secondary Music Teachers should consider joining the Music Subject Group at the Sunderland Learning Hub by following this link: Music Subject Leaders Group. In this way, they will receive all relevant notifications by e-mail about courses, concerts and events coming up and will also be able to contribute to discussions and share information with each other.

To book places at Music Education Hub Briefings or on training courses, follow this link: Course Bookings 

Music Tutors working in Sunderland schools might like to join the Music Tutors Group at the Sunderland Learning Hub by following this link: Music Tutors Group so that they too can be kept informed about musical events happening in Sunderland schools as well as sharing information and discussion with each other.

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