The learning hub is a space a teachers to find and share advice, lessons and curriculum ideas.

It is the single point of contact for information for schools in Sunderland.
We have been hard at work bringing other sites for schools into the hub so that we can make it easier for schools to get the information they need.

Like any site of this nature it's true value comes from the contributions made by its members. So if you have a resource you have used to good effect in your teaching why not add it to the lesson resources section

Part of the hub is the new CPD booking system known as the "Training Hub" many of you have already started to use it to book onto courses and initial feedback is that you love the way it works. If any schools want to publish training courses via the hub you can do so by contacting the hub team via the contact page

If you have a great website please add it to the links section.

What else can you find on the hub?

Education Safeguarding

We would like to welcome Education Safeguarding to the hub - They offer great advice on e-safety and the incident advisor for schools dealiing with e-safety issues.

The Music Hub

Sunderland Music Education Hub working with schools, providers and stakeholders will deliver a high quality music education, a wide-ranging music enrichment programme and singing and playing opportunities for all.

Early Years & Childcare

Early Years & Childcare are in the process of moving in - Check out the site to see it develop

The Educator's Network

We also have a social networking feature called the Educator's Network so you can have an online space to share and collaborate with other members of the site. Here you can also set up interest groups these could be totally online or the online space for organising physical groups of you to meet like the IT Coordinators network facilitated by the Learning Technologies Innovation Team.

Teaching Resources

The Lesson resources section allows you to search our bank of lesson resources.
Naturally if you take something we would love you to leave something too.  


Ask questions and share ideas for effective learning via our forum..

How do I join?

Sign up to the site here to access advanced features and don't hesitate to give us your feedback on the site.




On Monday 16th June, the 10 pieces of classical music were announced at the BBC Music Launch and on the Ten Pieces website. 

The free screenings are booking out fast – so schools are urged to book their seats as soon as possible! You can see some of the spectacular images from the cinematic film to give you a taste of what's to come!

Click on this link for further information: bbc_ten_pieces_leaflet_english.pdf

In terms of spreading the word, a poster is downloadable from our website.  

The newsletter is the best way to receive all the latest information hot off the press, so please make sure that you and your schools are signed up to receive regular updates.