From September there is a requirement for all schools to publish certain key information online.
This will include for all schools:informationsign
  • details of the school’s pupil premium allocation and plans to spend it in the current year; and, for the previous year, a statement of how the money was spent and the impact that it had on educational attainment of those pupils at the school in respect of whom grant funding was allocated;
  • details of the school’s curriculum, content and approach, by academic year and by subject (including details of GCSE options and other qualifications offered at Key Stage 4 (for secondary schools), and approach to phonic and reading schemes (for primary schools));
  • where applicable, details or links to the school’s admission arrangements, including its selection and oversubscription criteria, published admission number and the school’s process for applications through the local authority ;
  • details of the school’s policies on behaviour, charging and SEN and disability provision;
  • links to the school’s Ofsted reports and DfE School Performance Tables and details of the school’s latest Key Stage 2 and/or Key Stage 4 attainment and progress measures as presented in the School Performance Tables;
  • a statement of the school’s ethos and values.

Any schools who have an existing Joomla website can have the blank articles added for them to populate as part of the service. If you would like help with this or are interested in signing up for a website from ICT services please contact us.

More information about the requirements can be found on the DFE website